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1. Citation: Fried-Oken, Melanie, & Rowland, Charity (2008). Oregon Project Rehabilitation of Communication Skills in Dementia through AAC
Title: Oregon Project Rehabilitation of Communication Skills in Dementia through AAC
Author(s): Fried-Oken, M.
Rowland, C.
Year: 2008
Journal/Publication: Research Utilization Support and Help (RUSH) Project
Abstract: Introduction:

The completed utilization research sought to improve the awareness and implementation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies by licensed long-term care providers in accredited Alzheimer’s Care Units (ACUs). Outcomes of the Field Initiated Project #H133G040176, “AAC Applications in Dementia”, form the basis for the RUSH project. The FIP provided data to answer the question: What are the most effective input and output modes in a communication device to support conversations by persons with Alzheimer’s disease (AD)? The research utilization project used a combined best practices knowledge transfer model and a collaborative support model in a staggered treatment research design. We compiled a team of university-based clinical researchers, a community AD educator, a gerontology-certified project coordinator, and staff/administrators from nine ACUs to participate. This final report addresses the seven utilization outcomes that were proposed, and discusses research activities that were implemented to meet our four specific aims. The report concludes with a discussion of future implications.


Type of Item: Research Study
Record Updated:2014-12-10