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1. Citation: Fujiura, G. T., Jones, R., & Groll, J. (2015). Knowledge utilization and ADA technical assistance information. Journal of Rehabilitation81(2), 19-25.
Title: Knowledge utilization and ADA technical assistance information
Author(s): Fujiura, G.
Jones, R.
Groll, J.
Year: 2015
Journal/Publication: Journal of Rehabilitation
Abstract: Given the increase in disability-related initiatives, policies and services, there is a need to examine whether accurate information about these is being disseminated to relevant stakeholders. One way consumers gain information is through technical assistance (TA) from "knowledge broker" organizations. The present article sought to understand consumers' experiences with TA regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The researchers examined differences between types of consumers, as well as why and how they sought and utilized information. A mixed-methods design was utilized. The results suggest heterogeneity in consumers' TA needs even within a consumer type, and that future research is needed to continue exploring how TA leads to action.


Type of Item: Research Study
Type of KT Strategy: Educational Outreach/Person to Person TA
Knowledge Broker
Target Group: Business/Employer/Industry
Service Provider
Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2016-07-18