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1. Citation: Mishin, Y., Hunt, B., Decker, K., Coley, M., & Nelson, R. (2015). Promoting health through biking programs for youth with developmental disabilities. Therapeutic Recreation Journal49(2), 183-186.
Title: Promoting health through biking programs for youth with developmental disabilities
Author(s): Mishin, Y.
Hunt, B.
Decker, K.
Nelson, R.
Year: 2015
Journal/Publication: Therapeutic Recreation Journal


Riding a bicycle is a leisure skill typically developed in childhood. However, many youth with developmental disabilities struggle and often fail to master this leisure skill. This brief literature review summarizes strategies used to facilitate cycling skill acquisition in youth with a variety of developmental disabilities. Positive health outcomes in the areas of physical, cognitive and social health are also presented. A knowledge translation plans offers therapists guidance on equipment adaptations, facilitation techniques and program structure based on recommendations in the literature.


biking; children; cycling; developmental disabilities; health promotion; physical activity

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Type of Item: Literature Review
Type of KT Strategy: Clinical Practice Guidelines
Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2016-07-18