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1. Citation: Crumbie, V., Olmos, F., Watts, C., Avery, J., & Nelson, R. (2015). The impact of dance interventions on mood and depression in older adults. Therapeutic Recreation Journal49(2), 187-190.
Title: The impact of dance interventions on mood and depression in older adults
Author(s): Crumbie, V.
Olmos, F.
Watts, C.
Avery, J.
Nelson, R.
Year: 2015
Journal/Publication: Therapeutic Recreation Journal


Given the high prevalence of depression among older adults (Murrock & Graor, 2014), there is a pressing need for effective treatment options in this population. Since dance is an activity-based intervention that engages participants physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally, it may be particularly well suited for addressing a variety of health conditions, including depression (Haboush, Floyd, Caron, LaSota & Alvarez, 2006).This brief literature review summarizes current research in this area and provides a knowledge translation plan to guide practitioners in implementing dance interventions linked to positive outcomes related to mood in the older adult population.


dance; depression; geriatrics; mood; older adults

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Type of Item: Literature Review
Type of KT Strategy: Clinical Practice Guidelines
Multi-Professional Collaboration
Stakeholder Collaboration
Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2016-07-18