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1. Citation: Shooshtari, S., Samadi, S. A., Zarei, K., Naghipur, S., Martin, T. and Lee, M. (2014). Facilitating and impeding factors for knowledge translation in intellectual and developmental disabilities: Results from a consultation workshop in Iran. Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 11(3): 210–216. doi:10.1111/jppi.12084
Title: Factors that Facilitate and Impede Effective Knowledge Translation in Population Health Promotion: Results from a Consultation Workshop in Iran
Author(s): Shahin Shooshtari
Sayyed Ali Samadi
Khatoon Zarei
Saba Naghipur
Toby Martin
May Lee
Year: 2014
Journal/Publication: Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities

This study explored obstacles that impact the application of Knowledge Translation in activities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities in Iran. The sample consisted of forty-six stakeholders whose roles include those of researchers, policymakers, parents, practitioners and administrators who participated in a focus group discussion on factors that promote and interfere with the successful application of KT strategies after introducing the stakeholders to the KT framework and assessing KT capacity via a validated instrument.
The results showed that the most important factors that have an impact on the implementation of KT strategies include relationships and interaction between parents and practitioners as facilitators and lack of resources, time and incentives as obstacles to the use of KT strategies in IDD-related matters.
Although all groups valued research, there were statistically significant differences among the stakeholder groups related to practicing, applying and using research information. 
The authors conclude that researchers should establish close interactions with stakeholder groups to find out about research findings on policy and practice upon which KT strategies can be developed.


Type of Item: Research Study

Type of KT Strategy: Focus Group
Stakeholder Collaboration

Target Group: Administrator
Decision Maker
Healthcare Professional
Person with disability/Family/Advocate

Evidence Level: 4
Record Updated:2021-05-18