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Moore, J. L., Shikako-Thomas, K., & Backus, D. (2017). Knowledge translation in rehabilitation: A shared vision. Pediatric Physical Therapy, 29 (64).


Knowledge Translation in Rehabilitation: A Shared Vision

Author(s): Jennifer L. Moore
Keiko Shikako-Thomas
Deborah Backus
Year: 2017
Journal/Publication: Pediatric Physical Therapy
Abstract: This article summarizes and ties together several proceedings from the 2016 IV STEP conference. In doing so, Moore et al. (2017) describe current practice in knowledge translation in rehabilitation science and provide recommendations for application in clinical settings. They propose an integrative framework that includes development, adaptation, and implementation of evidence-based practices. They conclude such a framework will help rehabilitation science predict better outcomes, prevent disabilities, and promote participation.

Type of Item: Literature Review

Type of KT Strategy: Infographic
Narrative Summary

Target Group: Business/Employer/Industry
Service Provider

Evidence Level: 2
Record Updated:2021-12-06