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1. Citation: Campbell, A., Louie-Poon, S., Slater, L., & Scott, S. D. (2019). Knowledge translation strategies used by healthcare professionals in child health settings: An updated systematic review. Journal of pediatric nursing47, 114–120.

Knowledge Translation Strategies Used by Healthcare Professionals in Child Health Settings: An Updated Systematic Review

Author(s): Alyson Campbell
Samantha Louie-Poon
Linda Slater
Shannon D Scott
Year: 2019
Journal/Publication: Journal of Pediatric Nursing

Campbell et al. (2019) updated the previous sole systematic review (Albrecht et al., 2016) that examined knowledge translation (KT) based studies in child health settings. Drawing from nine electronic databases, Campbell et al. (2019) identified a total of 48 studies to be synthesized. They were able to extend the previous review by identifying an additional 27 studies. Though many of the findings were consistent with the previous review, the current study found several differences in types of KT strategies, barriers to KT, and methods researchers use to study KT. Effective KT strategies used by health care professionals in child health settings were found to be online education curriculums and computerized decision supports or reminders. Overall, the present review serves to inform researchers of broadscale KT studies in child health settings.


Type of Item: Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis

Type of KT Strategy: Systematic Review Synthesis/Framework

Target Group: Research Funders

Evidence Level: 5
Record Updated:2021-11-01