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Inge, K. J., Bogenschutz, M. D., Erickson, D., Graham, C. W., Wehman, P., & Seward, H. (2018). Barriers and facilitators to employment: As reported by individuals with spinal cord injuries. Journal of Rehabilitation84(2).


Barriers and facilitators to employment: As Reported by Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries

Author(s): Inge, K. J.
Bogenschutz, M. D.
Erickson, D.
Graham, C. W.
Wehman, P.
Seward, H.
Year: 2018
Journal/Publication: Journal of Rehabilitation

Inge et al. (2018) conducted focus groups with individuals who have spinal cord injuries (SCI) to learn about their experiences with employment. Thirty-one individuals were contacted by telephone. Sixteen were currently employed, while the remaining 15 were unemployed. From the transcribed focus group meetings, results revealed several trends that can impact employment for people with SCI. Specifically, there were four themes that emerged:  1) learning to be a strong self-advocate, 2) acquiring job-specific training, 3) networking effectively, and 4) putting necessary supports in place. In addition, there were some barriers that surfaced: 1) transportation issues, 2) difficulties with accommodations, and 3) perceptions of discrimination based on disability. These results can be pivotal as they are the first phase in a multi-phase research plan aimed to identify knowledge translation (KT) barriers and facilitators, form KT strategies to overcome these barriers, and improve employment outcomes for people with SCI.



Type of Item: Research Study

Type of KT Strategy: Focus Group

Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Person with disability/Family/Advocate
Research Funders

Evidence Level: 3
Record Updated:2021-11-15