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1. Citation: Shaxson, L., Bielak, A., Ahmed, I., Brien, D., Conant, B., Fisher, C., Gwyn, E., Klerkx, L., Middleton, A., Morton, S., Pant, L., & Phipps, D. (2012). Expanding our understanding of K* (KT, KE, KTT, KMb, KB, KM, etc.) United Nations UniversityInstitute for Water, Environment and Health. 1-88.
Title: Expanding our understanding of K*(KT, KE, KTT, KMb, KB, KM, etc.)
Author(s): Shaxson, L.
Bielak, A.
Ahmed, I.
Brien, D.
Conant, B.
Fisher, C.
Gwyn, E.
Klerkx, L.
Middleton, A.
Morton, S.
Pant, L.
Phipps, D.
Year: 2012
Journal/Publication: United Nations University
Abstract: K* is a term coined in order to bring together multiple concepts including Knowledge:  translation, management, transfer, exchange, mobilization and brokering.  This paper attempts to outline the core overlapping concepts of each of the types of knowledge approaches.  The concept of K* is explored in case studies, specific contextual examples, as well as inter and extra organizational settings.

Type of Item: Review KT Strategies
Type of KT Strategy: Multi-Professional Collaboration
Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Research Funders
Evidence Level: 2
Record Updated:2017-02-21