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1. Citation: Andrews, D., Fong, G., Hackam, D., Li, L., Lynam, M., Mathews, M., Russell, D., Angus, D., Piazza, L., & Strauss, S. (2012).  Guide to knowledge translation planning at CIHR: Integrated and end-of-grant approaches. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 1-34.
Title: Guide to Knowledge Translation Planning at CIHR: Integrated and End-of-Grant Approaches
Author(s): Andrews, D.
Fong, G.
Hackam, D.
Li, L.
Lynam, M.
Mathews, M.
Russell, D.
Angus, D.
Piazza, L.
Strauss, S.
Angus, D.
Piazza, L.
Strauss, S.
Year: 2012
Journal/Publication: Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Abstract: The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) have compiled a guide discussing integrated knowledge translation (iKT) and end-of-grant approaches.  Examples are given for each strategy.  Content for each example include goals, audience, strategies, expertise, and resources.  Additional KT resources are also presented and include Knowledge to Action Casebooks, a KT handbook, KT Clearinghouse website, and other online resources and guides.

Type of Item: Planning Instrument
Type of KT Strategy: Multi-Professional Collaboration
Multifaceted Interventions
Target Group: Healthcare Professional
Service Provider
Evidence Level: 4
Record Updated:2013-11-05