Policy Portal: Directory of Consumer Organizations

The Policy Portal is a directory of consumer-oriented organizations NIDILRR grantees can use to promote their research findings and connect with organizations included in the directory. The Center has worked with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD), the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) and The Arc on the continuous development of the directory.

To be listed below, an organization has met criteria that include it being

  • national in scope
  • engaged in policy discussions with other disability-oriented organizations and/or policymakers about legislation to improve the lives of people with disabilities, and
  • free of commercial interests.

These organizations are therefore well-positioned to apply research findings in their efforts to improve policies that affect the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

Each year, the Center on KTDRR reaches out to the organizations requesting information on their policy priorities. If an organization indicates interest, KTDRR then seeks to identify recent NIDILRR-funded publications that address those informational needs. Then KTDRR shares summaries of the research with the organizations and connects the authors with the organizations’ contact to help foster communication between the NIDILRR researchers and that member of the disability policy community.

NIDILRR grantees and any users may use the Search Function below to narrow the list of organizations by “NIDILRR Outcome Domain” or “Disability Type”.

If you are from a disability advocacy or consumer organization and would like to be added to the list or have your organization’s information updated, please contact us at ktdrr@air.org for more information about our criteria for inclusion.

Psychiatric and Rehabilitation Association (PRA)

PRA advocates for ethical and effective resiliency, wellness and recovery oriented services and supports. It seeks to improve the qualifications of our workforce through the highest standards of certification and professional education to ensure that children and adults with behavioral health concerns thrive in their roles and communities as full citizens.

Website: https://www.psychrehabassociation.org/

Address: 7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 300, McLean, VA 22102

Phone: 703.442.2078

Contact: Lee K. Lowery, Managing Director

E-mail: info@psychrehabassociation.org

Disability Type: Mental health conditions

NIDILRR Outcome Domain: Community living and participation, Employment, Health and function