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1. Citation: Tompa, E., de Oliveira, C., Dolinschi, R., & Irvin, E. (2008). A systematic review of disability management interventions with economic evaluations. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 18(1), 16-26. doi:10.1007/s10926-007-9116-x
Abstract: Background: Disability management interventions such as rehabilitation therapy and work accommodations are commonly viewed as good practice due to improved recovery times and lower resource costs. Few have considered the effectiveness of disability management from an economic analysis perspective.

Objective: To conduct a systematic review of research on financial merits of disability management interventions.

Search strategy: Literature was identified by searching electronic databases (MEDLINE, EMBASE, BIOSIS, Ergonomic Abstracts, and Business Source Premier). The search used a variety of terms in four categories: (1) type of study (e.g. intervention); (2) setting (e.g. workplace); (3) the outcome measure (e.g. work injury); and (4) the type of economic analysis or outcome measure (e.g. cost-benefit analysis). More literature was also identified through other systematic reviews, a summary table of office ergonomics, and through communications with content experts.

Selection criteria: Literature included in this review contained at least one keyword from the four categories in the title, abstract, or the classification terminology of a citation. Also, studies had to be published in the year 1990 or later.

Data collection and analysis: Two reviewers assessed the quality of each study, using a quality assessment tool made up of 14 specific content questions. Both reviewers produced a quality score for each study, the average of which was used for each study’s final score. Data was then extracted through a tool developed for this review.

Main results: Seventeen studies relating to disability management interventions with economic analysis were included in the review. The authors describe and summarize findings related to four areas: economic merits, interventions components, behavioral components, and intervention features.

Conclusions: The evidence supports the financial benefits of disability management interventions for several, but not all, industrial sectors. Overall there is a need to improve the methodological quality of studies on disability management.
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