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1. Citation: Mudge, S., & Stott, N. S. (2007). Outcome measures to assess walking ability following stroke: a systematic review of the literature. Physiotherapy, 93(3), 189-200. doi:10.1016/
Keywords: walking, cerebrovascular accident, outcome assessment (health care), rehabilitation, functional ambulation profile, test-retest reliability, body-weight, support, rehabilitation-medicine, hemiparetic stroke, gait performance, post stroke, mobility, scale,

his review analyzes the outcome measures used in stroke research literature to evaluate walking ability in terms of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) framework. Studies were included in the review if they used one or more standardized outcome measures incorporating an aspect of walking as defined by the IFC. Three hundred and fifty-seven studies were included in the review. Of the 61 outcome measures included in these studies, six reflected impairment, 52 reflected limitations of activity and participation, and three demonstrated overlap between the two. Additionally, the three most frequently used measures assessed only one IFC subcategory, the ability to walk short distances. As a result the review concludes that mobility tasks related to function in the community are not well represented by commonly used outcome measures.

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