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1. Citation: Lannin, N. A., & McCluskey, A. (2008). A systematic review of upper limb rehabilitation for adults with traumatic brain injury. Brain Impairment, 9(3), 237-246. doi:
Keywords: occupational therapy, motor training, upper extremity, arm, randomized controlled-trials, electrical-stimulation, upper extremity, stroke, therapy, outcomes, impact, quality, arm

This review investigates the effect of upper limb rehabilitation interventions on motor function in adults with brain injury. To be included in the review, studies must have been either systematic reviews or randomized controlled trials (RCT). Studies also must have engaged adult participants, 50% of whom have had a brain injury, and focused on interventions designed to improve upper limb motor function. Studies that met this criteria were also reviewed for methodological quality using the PEDro scale and QUORUM criteria. Ultimately, three systematic reviews and three RCTs were included in the review. Studies included in the review were constrained by small sample sizes and limited reporting of results. As such, the review concludes that there is no conclusive evidence for the effectiveness of upper limb motor rehabilitation after brain injury. However, the review cautions that this lack of evidence should not be interpreted as evidence of no effect.

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