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1. Citation: Westbrook, J. D., Fong, C. J., Nye, C., Williams, A., Wendt, O., & Cortopassi, T. (2015). Transition Services for Youth With Autism: A Systematic Review. Research on Social Work Practice, 25(1), 10-20. doi:10.1177/1049731514524836

Autism, Behavior Modification, Developmental Disabilities, Employment, Intervention, Literature Reviews, Outcomes, Social Skills, Vocational Rehabilitation, Work Transition, Youth.

Abstract: This review was conducted to determine the effectiveness of pre-graduation behavioral and social interventions that prepare transition-age youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) for mainstream competitive employment after graduation. Relevant studies were identified through electronic searches of 30 computerized databases. The searches produced a total of 5,665 citations. Of these, a total of 85 citations were advanced for collection of a full text copy of the study. Upon review of the full-text for each of the 85 studies, no studies were identified that met all the inclusion criteria specified for the review. This review was not able to identify definitive interventions that predictably and positively supported the development of transition programs designed to produce employment outcomes for individuals with ASD. While no definitive conclusions can be drawn based upon the current review, the authors did identify qualitative research and other related studies that addressed elements of potential successful employment placements for transition-age individuals with ASD.
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NIDILRR Affiliation:SEDL’s Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Record Updated:2016-07-27

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