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1. Citation: Agostini, M., Moja, L., Banzi, R., Pistotti, V., Tonin, P., Venneri, A., & Turolla, A. (2015). Telerehabilitation and recovery of motor function: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 21(4), 202-213. doi:10.1177/1357633X15572201
Keywords: Telerehabilitation
Abstract: Aims to determine whether telerehabilitation is more effective than other modes of delivering rehabilitation to regain motor function, in different populations of patients. Based on 12 studies involving different populations determines that there are inconclusive findings for neurological patients, while for both cardiac and total knee arthroplasty patients results in favor of telerehabilitation were found. A strong positive effect on function was found for patients following orthopedic surgery. Concludes that the increased intensity provided by telerehabilitation is a promising option to be offered to patients.
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