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1. Citation: Gilmore, S. J., McClelland, J. A., & Davidson, M. (2015). Physiotherapeutic interventions before and after surgery for degenerative lumbar conditions: a systematic review. Physiotherapy, 101(2), 111-118. doi:10.1016/
Keywords: Discectomy; Laminectomy; Physiotherapy; Rehabilitation; Spinal fusion; Systematic review
Abstract: Identifies only 4 studies of physical therapy management of patients immediately following lumbar spinal surgery.  Finds that there is very low quality evidence that pre- and post-operative exercise in addition to standard PT may reduce pain, time taken to achieve post-operative functional milestones, and post-operative time off work. Results of 1 study indicated that there is no clear benefit or harm from performing either prone or side-lying transfers.
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