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1. Citation: Levinger, I., Shaw, C. S., Stepto, N. K., Cassar, S., McAinch, A. J., Cheetham, C., & Maiorana, A. J. (2015). What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Fitter: A Systematic Review of High-Intensity Interval Exercise for Patients with Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases. Clinical Medicine Insights Cardiology, 9, 53-63. doi:10.4137/CMC.S26230
Keywords: acute risk; cardiovascular disease; exercise prescription; metabolic disease
Abstract: Examines the impact of high-intensity interval exercise (HIIE) (>/=80% peak power output or >/=85% peak aerobic power, VO2peak) on patients with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, including the safety of the acute response (during or shortly after exercise). Finds 11 studies, with 13 adverse responses reported (~8% of individuals). Concludes that the rate of adverse responses is somewhat higher than the risk during/after moderate-intensity exercise as previously reported, and that caution must be taken when prescribing HIIE to patients with cardiometabolic disease.
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