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1. Citation: Lewis, Z. H., Lyons, E. J., Jarvis, J. M., & Baillargeon, J. (2015). Using an electronic activity monitor system as an intervention modality: A systematic review. BMC Public Health, 15, 585-015-1947-3. doi:10.1186/s12889-015-1947-3
Keywords: Activity monitor, Wearable technology, Activity tracker, Physical activity, Weight, Obesity, Technology, Self-monitoring, Systematic review
Abstract: Aims to synthesize the efficacy and feasibility results of electronic activity monitor systems (EAMSs) as reported in 11 studies. Significant pre-post improvements in the EAMS group were found in 5 of 9 studies for physical activity and in 4 of 5 studies for weight. Of controlled studies, 1 found a significant increase in physical activity and 2 significant weight loss in the intervention group compared with the comparator group. Most studies report continual wear of the device during waking hours and a higher retention rate of participants in the EAMS groups. Concludes that EAMSs can increase physical activity and decrease weight significantly, but their efficacy compared to other interventions has not yet been demonstrated.
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Record Updated:2016-11-17

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