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1. Citation: Nugteren, W., van der Zalm, Y., Hafsteinsdottir, T. B., van der Venne, C., Kool, N., & van Meijel, B. (2015). Experiences of Patients in Acute and Closed Psychiatric Wards: A Systematic Review. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. doi:10.1111/ppc.12125
Keywords: Acute psychiatry; lived experience; quality of care
Abstract: Reviews 10 papers on patients' experiences during treatment in an acute, closed psychiatric ward. Finds 4 main themes: (a) inappropriate use of the ward rules, (b) nurses' lack of time for interacting with patients, (c) feelings of humiliation, and (d) involvement of significant others. Claims that nurses can use the findings to improve quality of care in acute psychiatric units.
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Record Updated:2017-05-30

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