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1. Citation: Outermans, J., van de Port, I., Wittink, H., de Groot, J., & Kwakkel, G. (2015). How strongly is aerobic capacity correlated with walking speed and distance after stroke? Systematic review and meta-analysis. Physical Therapy, 95(6), 835-853. doi:10.2522/ptj.20140081
Keywords: "stroke,” “aerobic capacity,” “walking capacity"
Abstract: Summarizes the evidence on the correlation between Vo(2)peak and walking capacity after stroke offered by 13 studies involving 454 participants. Meta-analyses showed combined correlation coefficients for Vo(2)peak and walking speed and for Vo(2)peak and walking distance of .42 and .52, respectively. Concludes that factors other than Vo(2)peak determine walking capacity after stroke.
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Record Updated:2017-02-02

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