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1. Citation: Pinnock, H., Epiphaniou, E., Pearce, G., Parke, H., Greenhalgh, T., Sheikh, A., . . . Taylor, S. J. (2015). Implementing supported self-management for asthma: a systematic review and suggested hierarchy of evidence of implementation studies. BMC Medicine, 13, 127-015-0361-0. doi:10.1186/s12916-015-0361-0
Keywords: "self-management support’ AND ‘exemplar long term conditions (specifically including asthma)’ AND ‘implementation design terms’.
Abstract: Conducts a narrative synthesis studies of self-management support interventions, informed by Kennedy's whole systems theoretical approach (considering patient, practitioner and organizational components and the interaction between these). Based on 18 studies with varying designs finds that targeting professionals (2 studies) improved process, but had no clinically significant effect on clinical outcomes. Targeting patients (6 studies) improved some process measures, but had an inconsistent impact on clinical outcomes. Targeting the organization (3 papers) improved process measures, but had little effect on clinical outcomes. However, interventions that explicitly addressed patient, professional and organizational factors (7 studies) showed the most consistent improvement in both process and clinical outcomes. Concludes that using these multi-targeted interventions we can promote a culture of actively supporting self-management as a normal, expected, monitored and remunerated aspect of the provision of care.
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