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1. Citation: Gurgel, L. G., Vidor, D. C. G. M., Joly, M. C. R. A., & Reppold, C. T. (2014). Risk factors for proper oral language development in children: a systematic literature review. CoDAS26(5), 350-356.
Keywords: Child Language, Language Development Disorders, Risk Factors, Randomized Controlled Trial, Language Arts
Abstract: The purpose is to conduct a systematic literature review on risk factors for proper oral language development in children. Only randomized controlled trials that involved risk factor related to children’s language were included.The study found that the major risk factors listed for language development in 0-12 years olds are: family dynamics, interaction with parents, immediate social environment, and encouragement given in the first years of life. The authors also suggest that brain injury, persistent otitis media, and cardiac surgery may be related to language disorders, besides food type and parental counseling.
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