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1. Citation: van Loon, E. M., Heijenbrok-Kal, M. H., van Loon, W. S., van den Bent, M. J., Vincent, A. J., de Koning, I., & Ribbers, G. M. (2015). Assessment methods and prevalence of cognitive dysfunction in patients with low-grade glioma: A systematic review. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 47(6), 481-488. doi:10.2340/16501977-1975
Keywords: brain tumour; cognitive functioning; glioma; neuro­psychological testing.
Abstract: Reviews the literature on cognitive functioning in patients with low-grade glioma to evaluate assessment methods and prevalence of cognitive dysfunction. Finds that 17 relevant studies used 46 different instruments to assess cognitive functioning, and that there was variability in the definition of cognitive dysfunction. Likely as a consequence, the reported prevalence of cognitive dysfunction ranged from 19% to 83%.
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