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1. Citation: Vemulapalli, S., Dolor, R. J., Hasselblad, V., Schmit, K., Banks, A., Heidenfelder, B., . . . Jones, W. S. (2015). Supervised vs unsupervised exercise for intermittent claudication: A systematic review and meta-analysis.American Heart Journal, 169(6), 924-937.e3. doi:10.1016/j.ahj.2015.03.009

peripheral vascular disease, [26] Exercise/exercise testing/rehabilitation

Abstract: Investigates the comparative effectiveness of supervised exercise (SE) vs unsupervised exercise (UE) as treatment for intermittent claudication (IC). Finds that in 27 studies (including 24 RCTs) SE was associated with a moderate improvement in maximal walking distance at 6 months and 12 months. SE also improved claudication distance to a moderate extent compared with UE at 6 months and 12 months. There was no difference in the Short Form-36 quality of life at 6 months or walking impairment questionnaire distance or speed. Concludes that further studies are needed to investigate the relationship between functional gain and disease-specific quality of life.
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