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1. Citation: Heyvaert, M., Saenen, L., Campbell, J. M., Maes, B., & Onghena, P. (2014). Efficacy of behavioral interventions for reducing problem behavior in persons with autism: an updated quantitative synthesis of single-subject research. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35(10), 2463-2476. doi:10.1016/j.ridd.2014.06.017
Keywords: Meta-analysis, Single-case, Review, Challenging behavior, Problem behavior, Intellectual disability
Abstract: Based on analysis of 213 studies with 358 subjects draws a number of important conclusions: (1) behavioral interventions were on average effective in reducing problem behavior, but some interventions were significantly more effective than others; (2) the use of positive (nonaversive) behavioral interventions was increasing over time; (3) behavioral interventions were on average equally effective regardless of the type of problem behavior that was targeted; (4) interventions preceded by a functional analysis reduced problem behavior significantly more than interventions not preceded by such an analysis; (5) treatment and experimental characteristics, but not participant characteristics, were statistically significant moderators of the behavioral treatment effectiveness.
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