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1. Citation: Elliott, T. R., & Kennedy, P. (2004). Treatment of depression following spinal cord injury: An evidence-based review. Rehabilitation Psychology, 49(2), 134-139.
Keywords: intervention studies, pharmacological interventions, randomized clinical trials, psychological intervention, published meta-analyses, spinal cord injuries, evaluative research, inclusion criteria

Depression is a significant secondary complication of spinal cord injuries (SCI); this study applies the D. L. Sackett (1989) research criteria to evaluate the quality of intervention studies of the treatment of depression among persons with SCI. An extensive range of peer-reviewed published research was identified through established databases, critical reviews, and published meta-analyses. Nine studies met the inclusion criteria. One antidepressant study was rated above Level III; although the psychological intervention studies had control groups, these were not randomized. This review demonstrates the need for randomized clinical trials of psychological and pharmacological interventions for depression and distress among persons with SCI. so that informed decisions concerning cost-effective treatments can be made.

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NIDILRR Affiliation:Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Secondary Conditions of Spinal Cord Injury: Promoting General Health, Well-Being, and Community Integration Through Home-Based, Self-Directed Care
Record Updated:2017-01-04

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