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1. Citation: Bonnechere, B., Jansen, B., Omelina, L., Degelaen, M., Wermenbol, V., Rooze, M., & Van Sint Jan, S. (2014). Can serious games be incorporated with conventional treatment of children with cerebral palsy? A review. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35(8), 1899-1913. doi:10.1016/j.ridd.2014.04.016
Keywords: Cerebral palsy; Rehabilitation; Neurorehabilitation; Treatment; New technology
Abstract: Claims that it is difficult to compare the results of 31 studies using “serious games” (SG, or virtual reality) that were found, with more traditional interventions for CP children. This is said to be due to the lack of standardization in CP patient rehabilitation strategy, the use of various clinical scales and scores and non-standardization in patient follow-up. Proposes standardization strategies.
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