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1. Citation: Bindawas, S. M., Vennu, V., & Moftah, E. (2017). Improved functions and reduced length of stay after inpatient rehabilitation programs in older adults with stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis or randomized controlled trials. NeuroRehabilitation, 40(3), 369-390.
Keywords: Functional status, literature reviews, older adults, outcomes, rehabilitation, stroke
Abstract: Study examined the effects of inpatient rehabilitation programs on function and length of stay (LOS) in older adults with stroke. Five electronic databases were searched for relevant randomized controlled trials that examined the effects of inpatient rehabilitation programs on functional recovery, as measured by the Functional Independence Measure (FIM), and LOS, which was measured in days. The search included full-text articles written in English and no restriction on time. The methodological quality and risk of bias were assessed using the Physiotherapy Evidence Database Scale and the Cochrane collaboration tools respectively. The effect sizes and confidence intervals were estimated using fixed-effect models. Eight randomized controlled trials involving 1,910 patients with stroke were included in the meta-analysis showed that patients who participated in the inpatient rehabilitation programs had significantly higher FIM scores and shorter LOS. This systematic review provided evidence that inpatient rehabilitation programs have beneficial effects, improving functionality and reducing LOS for older adults with stroke.
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