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1. Citation: Resnik, L., Borgia, M., Silver, B., & Cancio, J. (2017). Systematic review of measures of impairment and activity limitation for persons with upper limb trauma and amputation. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 98(9), 1863-1892, 1892.e1-1892.e14.
Keywords: Amputations, daily living, functional evaluation, functional limitations, injuries, limbs, literature reviews, measurements, outcomes, performance standards
Abstract: Study identified outcome measures used in research on individuals with traumatic upper-limb injury and/or amputation and evaluated the focus, content, and psychometric properties of each identified measure. PubMed and CINAHL were searched for articles that used a standardized outcome measure, included at least 10 adults with limb trauma or amputation, and were written in English. Measures containing most items assessing impairment of body function or activity limitation were eligible. The searches yielded 1,380 publications; 260 articles containing 55 measures (19 performance and 36 self-report) met the inclusion criteria. Data on internal consistency; test-retest, interrater, and intrarater reliability; content, structural, construct, concurrent, and predictive validity; responsiveness; and floor/ceiling effects were extracted and confirmed by a second investigator. The mostly highly rated performance measures included 2 amputation-specific measures (Activities Measure for Upper Limb Amputees and University of New Brunswick Test of Prosthetic Function skill and spontaneity subscales) and 2 non-amputation-specific measures (Box and Block Test and modified Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test light and heavy cans tests). The most highly rated self-report measures were Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH); Patient Rated Wrist Evaluation; QuickDASH; Hand Assessment Tool; International Osteoporosis Foundation Quality of Life Questionnaire; and Patient Rated Wrist Evaluation functional recovery subscale. None were amputation specific. Few performance measures were recommended for patients with limb trauma and amputation. All top-rated self-report measures were suitable for use in both groups. These results will inform choice of outcome measures for these patients.
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