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1. Citation: Sundar, V. (2017). Operationalizing workplace accommodations for individuals with disabilities: A scoping review. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, 56(1), 135-155.
Keywords: Accommodation, employment, limbs, literature reviews, work adjustment, workers with disabilities
Abstract: A scoping review and thematic analysis of research literature were conducted to identify how workplace accommodations are operationalized and to identify knowledge gaps in its conceptualization. The provision of workplace accommodations is a proven strategy in supporting individuals with disabilities at work. Accommodations include a wide range of supports and strategies that are not very well defined beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States. Understanding the landscape of accommodations is important to measure the impact of programs that support employment of individuals with disabilities. Keywords searches were conducted in seven electronic databases. Title, abstract, and full text screening was conducted followed by a thematic analysis of the content to identify how workplace accommodations are operationalized. Overall, 47 studies were selected for review. A total of 433 different types of accommodations were identified, of which, assistive technology and specialized equipment represented the most frequently reported type of accommodation (40 percent). A very small percentage of studies included policy changes (9 percent) and human assistance (5 percent) as an accommodation strategy. Key knowledge gaps identified include the systematic exclusion of certain types of supports or disability types.
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