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1. Citation: Gagnon-Roy, M., Bourget, A., Stocco, S., Courchesne, A. L., Kuhne, Nicolas, & Provencher, V. (2017). Assistive technology addressing safety issues in dementia: A scoping review. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 71(5), 1-10
Keywords: Assistive technology, community integration, daily living, dementia, devices selection, literature reviews, occupational therapy, safety
Abstract: A scoping review was performed to describe intelligent assistive technologies (IATs) and to identify factors to consider when selecting one for people with dementia. A systematic search was conducted of the scientific and gray literature published between 2000 and 2015 to identify studies that used IATs to address safety issues while enhancing participation in meaningful activities in older adults with dementia. A total of 31 sources were included in the scoping review. Four types of IATs were identified as addressing safety issues in dementia: monitoring technologies, tracking and tagging technologies, smart homes, and cognitive orthoses. Characteristics of the device and ethical considerations emerged as key factors to consider when selecting one. IATs yield promising results but pose various challenges, such as adapting to the evolution of dementia. Further research on their actual impact is needed.
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Record Updated:2018-11-07

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