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1. Citation: Martin Ginis, K. A., Evan, M. B., Mortenson, W. B., & Noreau, L. (2017). Broadening the conceptualization of participation of persons with physical disabilities: A configurative review and recommendations. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 98(2), 395-402.
Keywords: Community living, inclusion, interpersonal relations, literature reviews, physical disabilities, rehabilitation, social skills
Abstract: This project involved a systematic, configurative review of relevant literature on the conceptualization of participation among people with physical disabilities. Objectives were to: (1) review definitions and conceptualizations of participation that extend beyond performance and capture people’s subjective experiences of participating and (2) identify key experiential aspects of participation that can be used as a basis for conceptualizing and operationalizing the concept more broadly. Ten relevant articles were identified. Information on characteristics associated with experiential aspects of participation was extracted and subjected to a thematic analysis. The following 6 themes emerged: autonomy, belongingness, challenge, engagement, mastery, and meaning. Drawing on these findings, it is recommended that the individual’s subjective perceptions of autonomy, belongingness, challenge, engagement, mastery, and meaning associated with participating be incorporated into conceptualizations and operationalizations of the participation construct. This recommendation provides a starting point for clinicians, researchers, and policymakers to conceptualize and measure the participation concept more consistently and more broadly.
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