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1. Citation: Coghlan, N., Copley, J., Aplin, T., & Strong, J. (2017). Patient experience of wearing compression garments post burn injury: A review of the literature. Journal of Burn Care And Research, 38(4), 260-268.
Keywords: Burns, clothing, compliance, injuries, intervention, literature reviews, outcomes, rehabilitation services, rehabilitation technology
Abstract: This systematic literature review critically appraised the evidence regarding the patient?s lived experience of, and adherence to, wearing compression garments following burn injury. Pubmed, Cochrane Central, CINAHL, PsycINFO, and OT Seeker databases were searched for relevant articles. Retrieved studies were included in the review if they were written in English, reported on adult burn populations, and described the patient?s lived experience of wearing compression garments. Nine studies investigating patient?s lived experiences were retained: one systematic review, one randomized controlled trial, five cross-sectional surveys, and two qualitative studies. The included studies were critically appraised and content analysis was completed on the results sections of the two qualitative studies. An adherence framework provided a conceptual basis to categorize reported patient?s lived experiences. Results identified a strong focus on patient and treatment-related experiences with limited investigation of condition, patient-provider, and healthcare system experiences. Minimal investigation has been completed regarding the impact of patients? lived experiences on the adherence to wearing compression garments. The findings indicate that additional research using qualitative methods is required to gain a deep understanding of patient?s experiences and perspectives of wearing compression garments and how these experiences influence on their adherence to wearing them. Identification of key experiences that lead to patients removing their compression garments may lead to modification of treatment and system approaches to better align with patients? needs and development of potential interventions that promote adherence.
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