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1. Citation: Sanchez, J., Muller, V., Garcia, M. E., Martinez, S. N., Cool, S. T., & Gandarilla, E. (2017). Psychiatric rehabilitation outcomes among Hispanics with co-occurring serious mental illness and substance use disorders: A systematic review. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 48(1), 40-49.
Keywords: Hispanic Americans, literature reviews, multiple disabilities, outcomes, psychiatric disabilities, psychiatric rehabilitation, substance abuse
Abstract: This systematic literature review examined the psychiatric rehabilitation (PsyR) outcomes of Hispanics with co-occurring serious mental illness (SMI) and substance use disorder (SUD) and identified the most appropriate evidence-based practices (EBPs) to facilitate treatment strategies for this population. The MEDLINE/Pub Med, SpringerLink, and Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) electronic databases were searched using multiple keywords and keyword combinations. The initial search resulted in a total of 911 articles. Next, 906 articles from the initial search were excluded because they did not meet inclusion criteria for the following reasons: duplicates, not relating to PsyR outcomes or to co-occurring SMI and SUD, and not including Hispanics. Five articles were retained for this study. The included studies were classified by intervention into three categories: Integrated Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatments (3), Motivational Interviewing (1), and Psychosocial Resources (1). Outcomes included reduction in mental health and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, increased abstinence, decrease in substance use and psychiatric hospitalizations, improved self-efficacy for recovery, and better quality of life. This review identified several successful PsyR outcomes for Hispanics with co-occurring SMI and SUD; however, it also highlighted the limited availability of extant literature focused on EBPs for Hispanics with co-occurring SMI and SUD.
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