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1. Citation: Sundaram, S. A., Wang, H., Ding, D., & Cooper, R. A. (2017). Step-climbing power wheelchairs: A literature review. Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, 23(2), 98-109.
Keywords: Architectural barriers, assistive technology, literature reviews, performance standards, powered wheelchairs, robotics, safety, spinal cord injuries
Abstract: This systematic review of the scientific and engineering literature identifies power wheelchairs capable of overcoming environmental barriers, such as uneven terrain, curbs, or stairs, and provides brief descriptions of the mechanism and method of operation for each. Data are also presented comparing their capabilities in terms of step climbing and standard wheelchair functions. The study found that all the devices presented allow for traversal of obstacles that cannot be accomplished with traditional power wheelchairs. However, the slow speeds and small wheel diameters of some designs make them only moderately effective in the basic area of efficient transport over level ground and the size and configuration of some others limit maneuverability in tight spaces. The authors propose that safety and performance test methods more comprehensive than the International Organization for Standards (ISO) testing protocols be developed for measuring the capabilities of advanced wheelchairs with step-climbing and other environment-negotiating features to allow comparison of their clinical effectiveness.
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