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1. Citation: Gaugler J. E. (2010). The longitudinal ramifications of stroke caregiving: a systematic review. Rehabilitation psychology, 55(2), 108-125.
Keywords: Caregivers, families, literature reviews, long term care, outcomes, prediction,psychosocial factors, stroke
Abstract: [In development]
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Plain Language Title

The long-term for a long time, over a long period of time impact of stroke caregiving: A systematic planned out, orderly, regular review

Review go over, check Question

When individuals suffer from stroke, they often receive get, admit, welcome care at home from their family members. Family care responsibilities can have an impact on caregivers? emotional and psychological health. Do family caregivers have different outcomes depending on how long they provide give, offer, send, supply care to a relative suffering from stroke? Do these outcomes change over time?


Family members often become caregivers for relatives who suffer from stroke. Stroke care may become more difficult for families to manage control, direct, be in charge of, take care of, watch as the condition a medical problem, a disease, an illness progresses. Although many studies examine the emotional and psychological effects of stroke caregiving, no recent review go over, check has considered how the impact of family stroke care changes over time. A long-term for a long time, over a long period of time perspective is important for researchers and clinicians to understand know, to get how stroke may be effectively managed.

Search Date

The search included studies published between 1950 and 2009.

Study Characteristics

Studies were included if they focused on stroke caregivers and their well-being over time. The review go over, check includes only descriptive or cohort studies, as opposed to studies that evaluate an intervention. care Studies were published in English and focused on adults aged 18 and over.

Of the studies included in the initial first, earliest, basic search, 117 studies met the inclusion criteria. Together, these studies included 9,899 stroke caregivers, most of whom were recruited from the community or in a hospital setting. Most studies took place in the United States or United Kingdom.

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Key Results

Measures of caregiver outcomes may include stress physical strain, mental strain, pressure, worry levels, depression, or self-reported health status. state, condition There is little evidence that caregivers? outcomes are related to the length of time they provide give, offer, send, supply care. In most quantitative studies, a caregiver?s outcomes did not change significantly over time. By contrast, qualitative studies (mostly based on interviews with caregivers) described many changes in coping and emotional distress that can impact families in care relationships. The results of this review go over, check emphasize stress, point out, highlight the need to apply use, put on, rub onto, sign up for more rigorous hard research approaches, appropriate take, take over, a good fit, proper, right theories, and mixed-method designs to this question.

Use of Statistics

The review go over, check does not include statistical analysis in the main text. The results of individual person, you, man, woman, one studies are reported in tables.

Quality of Evidence

Several many studies included in the review go over, check are of low quality. In addition, many studies are too different from each other to combine the results using standard methods of meta-analysis. The authors emphasize stress, point out, highlight the need for more rigorous hard research.

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Record Updated:2022-03-21

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