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1. Citation: Westbrook, J.D., Fong, C.J., Nye, C., Williams, A., Wendt, O., Cortopassi, T. (2013). Pre-Graduation Transition Services for Improving Employment Outcomes among Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Systematic Review. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 9(1), 1-70.
Keywords: autism, behavior modification, developmental disabilities, employment, intervention, literature reviews, outcomes, social skills, vocational education, vocational rehabilitation, vocational training, work transition, youth
Abstract: [In development]
Plain Language Summary:

What is this review go over, check about?

Individuals with autism brain disorder, illness that makes it hard for someone to talk to other people are at a high risk chance of being unemployed after finishing school. The authors of this review go over, check hoped to evaluate programs that prepare school-age youth with autism brain disorder, illness that makes it hard for someone to talk to other people for work after graduation. These kinds of programs aim to shape behaviors, social interactions, and skills that may be useful in the workplace. However, the authors did not find any studies to include in the review. go over, check

What studies are included?

To be included, a study had to measure actual employment outcomes, not just work-related skills. Learning a new skill might lead to employment, but it is not the end goal of school-to-work programs. Instead, the authors wanted to know whether program participants found paid work. Also, the authors only selected studies that met a high standard of evidence. For the most part, this means a study should compare two groups of people who are similar like in every way, except that only one group participated in a transition program.

What are the findings of this review?

The authors searched for both published and unpublished studies across 30 databases. However, they did not find a single study that met their requirements. needs, regulations Few studies used rigorous hard methods or addressed employment outcomes.

What do the findings of the review go over, check mean?

Without strong evidence, it is hard to say whether school-to-work transition services are meeting their goals. More evidence is needed to assess review, sum up, evaluate, to determine figure out, decide, find out, test value, find best practices in these programs. The authors urge researchers to use more rigorous hard research methods and to evaluate actual employment outcomes. By building more knowledge about transition services, researchers may help guide the implementation of programs that best support individuals with autism brain disorder, illness that makes it hard for someone to talk to other people in the workplace.

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Record Updated:2022-03-21

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