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1. Citation: Meyers, C., & Vipond, J. (2005). Play and social interactions between children with developmental disabilities and their siblings: A systematic literature review. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, 25(1-2), 81-103. doi: 10.1080/J006v25n01_06
Keywords: roles, relationships, player, reciprocity, social processes
Abstract: Background: Sibling interaction plays an important role in social skill development. Research suggests that the dynamics of sibling interaction varies when one sibling has a developmental disability.
Objectives: To conduct a systematic review of research on the interaction patterns between children with developmental disabilities and their siblings.

Search strategy: The researchers identified studies by searching peer reviewed research articles and electronic databases: PsycInfo (1887-2001), MEDLINE (1966-2001), Family and Society Studies Worldwide (1980-2001), and Digital Dissertations (1980-2001).

Selection criteria: The following selection criteria were used: (a) studies published in English; (b) participants age 20 or younger with one sibling having a developmental disability; (b) studies that focused on reciprocal play and/or social interactions between siblings.   
Data collection and analysis: Two reviewers independently assessed the articles. The Sackett (1989) scale was used to assess the level of evidence. Each study was also categorized based on the children’s traits and behaviors studied.

Main results: Fourteen studies met the eligibility and inclusion requirements. The authors’ summarize and describe findings on sibling interaction and the effects of birth order, chronological age, gender, and type and degree of disability.  

Conclusions: The bi-directional influence of sibling interaction is an important factor when one child has a developmental disability. Therapists should recognize the interaction patterns and family dynamics in order to provide optimum services for youth with disabilities and their families.
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