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1. Citation: Parry-Jones, B. L., Vaughan, F. L., & Cox, W. M. (2006). Traumatic brain injury and substance misuse: A systematic review of prevalence and outcomes research (1994-2004). Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 16(5), 537-560.
Keywords: substance misuse, traumatic brain injury, prevalence, outcomes research, comorbidity, drug abuse, epidemiology, traumatic brain injury, experimentation
Abstract: Background: Alcohol and other substance abuse have been associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and poor outcomes following TBI. An up-to-date systematic review on this topic is needed to inform the best clinical practice.
Objectives: To conduct a systematic review of the evidence on substance misuse prevalence among individuals with traumatic brain injury.

Search strategy: This review builds on a previous systematic review conducted in 1995. As such, electronic sources (MEDLINE and PsycINFO) were searched for research and book chapters published between 1994 and 2004. The search was restricted to articles in English.  

Selection criteria: The following selection criteria were used: (1) research relevant to epidemiology and outcomes for individuals with TBI (aged 15 years or older); and (2) only studies with intoxication at time of injury, history of misuse or post-injury substance misuse. The authors excluded studies from non-Western countries and studies that focused on children or youth age 14 or younger.

Data collection and analysis: The authors assessed and categorized each study according to findings on prevalence of substance misuse in TBI (n = 12) and outcomes regarding substance misuse and TBI (n = 13).    

Main results: Prevalence for alcohol intoxication at time of injury was 37-51%. Pre-TBI history of alcohol misuse was found to be less prevalent compared to the prior systematic review. The research findings on outcomes were mixed. The results mainly indicated poorer outcomes (neurological, medical, neuropsychological, and functional) among persons with pre-TBI substance misuse.  

Conclusion:  This systematic review updates the evidence on prevalence and outcomes of substance misuse in adults with TBI. The studies included in this review were all from the USA except one from Australia and one from Denmark. As such, generalizing the findings to non-American countries is limited
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