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1. Citation: Haugh, A. B., Pandyan, A. D., & Johnson, G. R. (2006) A systematic review of the Tardieu Scale for the measurement of spasticity. Disability and Rehabilitation, 28(15), 899-907. doi: 10.1080/09638280500404305
Keywords: Tardieu scale, spasticity, validity, systematic reviews
Abstract: Background: Though the Ashworth and modified Ashworth Scales are the most commonly used measures of spasticity, recently their validity has been questioned. Some are suggesting that the Tardieu Scale is a preferable alternative to the Ashworth Scale

Objectives: To systematically review the available literature in which the Tardieu Scale has been used or discussed as a measure of spasticity, in an effort to determine its validity and reliability as a clinical measure of spasticity.

Search Strategy: The researchers identified studies by searching electronic databases (Pubmed and Ovid databases) using the following key words: Tardieu Scale and spasticity. Additionally, hand searching was used to track source literature.

Section Criteria: Publications that used, discussed or mentioned the Tardieu scale and were not abstracts, book reviews, book chapters, or review articles were included in this review.

Data Collection and Analysis: One author independently reviewed all identified full journal papers, while another author independently verified those results.

Main Results:
Ten full journal articles were included in this review. The authors attempted to investigate the literature to increase understanding of the properties of the Tardieu Scale.

There is a paucity of literature investigating validity and reliability of the scale. Therefore, it is impossible to make assumptions about the validity and reliability of the scale from the current literature.
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