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1. Citation: van der Hulst, M., Vollenbroek-Hutten, M. M. R., & Ijzerman, M. J. (2005). A systematic review of sociodemographic, physical, and psychological predictors of multidisciplinary rehabilitation-or, back school treatment outcome in patients with chronic low back pain. Spine, 30(7), 813-825.
Keywords: chronic low back pain, predictor, rehabilitation, treatment, outcome
Abstract: Background: Several systematic reviews and analyses of the efficacy of multidisciplinary treatment of chronic low back pain have been, yet the conclusions are not uniform.  Information and understanding about which patients benefit from various treatments is needed.

Objectives: To determine predictors of outcome of multidisciplinary rehabilitation-or back school treatment for patients with chronic low back pain.

Search Strategy: The researchers identified studies by searching electronic databases (MEDLINE, PyschINFO, Picarta, Web of Science, The Cochrane Library databases, EMBASE, and CINAHL).  Additionally, the researchers utilized relevant references, manual searches of relevant journals, and recommendations made by field experts.

Selection Criteria:
The following selection criteria were used: (1) randomized and (non) randomized studies, (2) subjects between ages 18 and 65, (3) multidisciplinary interventions, (4) baseline measures of predictive factors, and (5) if at least one outcome measure was a measure of activity limitation.

Data Collection and Analysis:
Two reviewers selected studies based on inclusion criteria and each independently assessed the methodological quality of studies.  

Main results: A qualitative analysis was made of the 17 studies reviewed in the hopes of identifying predictors of Back School Treatment outcomes.

It is impossible to define a generic set of predictors of outcome of multidisciplinary rehabilitation and back schools for patients with chronic low back pain because the reviewed studies were descriptive or exploratory in nature, and most predictors were only studied once. Nevertheless, for several predictors, consistent evidence was found. Large confirmatory studies are needed to test the value of these predictors.
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