Exercise 5: Principles of Adult Learning


Think about what materials you will need or what tools VR counselors will need to learn, practice, or put this teaching into effect.

Video Transcript: Worksheet Question 5

Now that you know what you want to teach and how, the last part is identifying the resources you need. Would it help to show a video of a case study? Develop slides about a new policy? Develop a script and notes for practicing a new coaching technique? Prepare examples of a new form? Tie the resources back to each part of the activity, where appropriate. Write some early notes about where you can get the materials you need and how much you will need.

For my example, I might need an article or a summary of the original case study, or I might want to put together a short presentation about the study and the ways it applies locally. Then I would want a worksheet or guide—or even a cheat sheet—to help VR counselors learn and keep track of the main parts of social skills training. Finally, I would want to come up with a scenario where they could practice it—either taking turns with each other or working with me.


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