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A Short Primer on Power Calculations for Meta-analysis

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In this third webcast in a three-part series, Terri Pigott, Co-Editor of the Methods Group of the Campbell Collaboration, provides a conceptual overview of power analysis in meta-analysis and recommends how researchers should present and interpret findings when statistical power is low.

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How to conduct power analysis in meta-analysis:

  • Valentine, J. C., Pigott, T. D. & Rothstein, H. R. (2010). How many studies do you need? A primer on statistical power for meta-analysis. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 35(2), 215-247.
  • Chapters 4 -6 in Pigott, T. D. (2012). Advances in meta-analysis. New York, NY: Springer

Statistical background of power in meta-analysis

  • Hedges, L. V. & Pigott, T. D. (2001). The power of statistical tests in meta-analysis. Psychological Methods, 6, 203-17
  • Hedges, L. V. & Pigott, T. D. (2004). The power of statistical tests for moderators in meta-analysis. Psychological Methods, 9, 426-445.
  • Jackson, D. & Turner, R. (2017). Power analysis for random-effects meta-analysis. Research Synthesis Methods, 8, 290-302.

About the Presenter

Photo of Terri Pigott

Terri Pigott, PhD, is the Associate Provost for Research and Professor of Research Methodology at Loyola University Chicago. She was formerly the Dean of the School of Education. Prior to Loyola, she was Associate Program Officer at the Spencer Foundation in Chicago. Dr. Pigott is the former co-Chair and current co-Editor of the Methods Group of the Campbell Collaboration. She has numerous publications on methods of meta-analysis, including work on handling missing data and computing power in meta-analysis. She is also interested in outcome reporting bias in education research, and its implications for systematic review. She serves on a number of editorial boards including Psychological Bulletin, Psychological Methods, and Research Synthesis Methods. She is chair of the AERA SIG on Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, and a long-time member of the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology (SRSM).

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