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Citizen and Patient Engagement

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In patient-oriented research, patients are engaged as partners throughout the continuum of the research. This webcast describes the importance of citizen and patient engagement with a focus on patient-identified priorities. The aim of patient-oriented research is to apply the knowledge generated to healthcare systems and practices, which ultimately improves patient outcomes. This session intends to clearly outline the concept of patient engagement as well as its benefits, facilitators and barriers. (Originally aired Aug. 27, 2014.)

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Photo of Rosa Venuta

Rosa Venuta, is the Project Lead for Citizen and Patient Engagement at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. CIHR strives to engage citizens and patients in a variety of capacities such as membership roles on governance committees, corporate and Institute strategic planning, in collaborative research approaches and in knowledge translation. Rosa is a member of the team that recently developed a Patient Engagement Framework for the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research. This initiative is intended to achieve an active collaboration between patients, researchers, health care providers and decision-makers in order to improve health care practice, therapies and policies. The Framework’s objectives promote patients as active partners in health research that will lead to improved health outcomes and an enhanced health care system.

Photo of Tim Bell

Tim Bell is an Associate in the Major Initiatives unit at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Since joining CIHR in Fall of 2013, Tim has supported his team in various aspects of the national Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research, including the development of the Patient Engagement Framework. Prior to CIHR, Tim spent five years working with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada in corporate planning and reporting, privacy policy, and strategic coordination for the Minister.

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