WEBINAR SERIES (August 2014)

CIHR's Innovative KT Strategies: A Four-Part Webcast Series

SEDL's Center on KTDRR hosted a four-part webcast series with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). CIHR, which is the government of Canada's health research investment agency, was the first to define and embrace the term “knowledge translation” or KT. The Center on KTDRR partnered with CIHR’s Knowledge Translation Strategy Unit to share with NIDILRR grantees and others, some of the innovative KT strategies that they are developing and implementing. Presenters will discuss the development of these strategies, examples from the KT activities, and some of the successes and challenges encountered. KTDRR can support NIDILRR grantees who are interested in adapting these strategies to share research findings to targeted audiences.

Session Topic
1 KT 101: Knowledge Translation Strategies at CIHR
2 Ethics in Research: A Scientific Lifecycle Approach
3 Citizen and Patient Engagement
4 Evidence Informed Policy Making: A CIHR Knowledge Translation Approach