Online Workshop AQASR: Session 1

Introduction; Systematic review question; Clinical applicability; Protocol

Materials for January 8:

PROSPERO: (inactive link 4/2018)
PROSPERO is an international database of prospectively registered systematic reviews in health and social care. Currently over 2600 registrations.

AQASR Document: The copy of AQASR that I sent by email had a technical problem that has been corrected. Please delete that version (AQASR_12-31-13.docx) and download the revised version here: In the revised version you will be able to click on the words highlighted in yellow and it will go to the entry for that word in the Glossary. (This feature is not working in the previous version, instead, it will take you to the AQASR web page.)

Ruivo systematic review: If you need a copy, this document is available from the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation & Prevention:

For the next session (January 22):

  • Read manual sections/AQASR questions on:
    • Database searching
    • Other searches
    • Search limitations
    • Abstract and full paper scanning
  • Identify three systematic reviews you would like to use/
    might use in your work, focusing on:
    • Intervention or Prevention or Economic evaluation
    • Diagnostic or Prognostic
    • Measurement
      • Not too long; of good, middling or poor quality
      • Of presumed general interest (not too specialistic)
      • Send ABSTRACTS to Joann Starks
      • We will pick six to use in later sessions

We invite you to:

  • Provide your input on today's session
  • Share your ideas for future sessions
  • Describe special needs you may have

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