Online Workshop AQASR: Session 4

Qualitative synthesis; Meta-analysis; Discussion

Materials for February 19

Preparation for Session 5 of the Online Workshop (Mar. 5, 2014)

  1. Session 4 materials
  2. Read manual sections/AQASR questions on:
    • Interventions/Prevention
    • Economic evaluation
  3. Read Polisena et al., with a focus on the sections/information on intervention: Polisena, J., Tran, K., Cimon, K., Hutton, B., McGill, S., & Palmer, K. (2009). Home telehealth for diabetes management: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 11(10), 913–930.
  4. Read Davis et al., with a focus on the sections/ information on (1) prevention, and (2) economic evaluation: Davis, J. C., Robertson, M. C., Ashe, M. C., Liu-Ambrose, T., Khan, K. M., & Marra, C. A. (2010). Does a home-based strength and balance programme in people aged > or = 80 years provide the best value for money to prevent falls? A systematic review of economic evaluations of falls prevention interventions. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 44(2), 80-9.

We invite you to:

  • Provide your input on today's session
  • Share your ideas for future sessions
  • Describe special needs you may have

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