Online Workshop AQASR: Session 7

Studies of Measurement instruments / Wrap up

Materials for April 2

Preparation for Session 7 of the Online Workshop

  1. Session 6 materials
  2. Read manual sections/AQASR questions on:
    • Questions relevant to measurement instruments
  3. Read (also used in Session 3): Dobson, F., Hinman, R. S., Hall, M., Terwee, C. B., Roos, E. M., & Bennell, K. L. (2012). Measurement properties of performance-based measures to assess physical function in hip and knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review. Osteoarthritis Cartilage, 20(12):1548-62. doi: 10.1016/j.joca.2012.08.015. Epub 2012 Aug 31.

Workshop Evaluation

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