Extraction of Key Information

The majority of the work in a systematic review is during the extraction of key information from each article. Some people do this using Excel spreadsheets or home-made databases. Others use the full-featured programs described in Software Tools for Conducting Systematic Reviews. In addition to those tools, SRDR is a useful web-based tool.

Articles about Extraction of Key Information

  1. Elamin, M. B., Flynn, D. N., Briel, M. Alonso-Coello, P., Karanicolas, P. J., Guyatt, G. H. Malaga, G., Furukuwa, T. A., Kunz, R., Sch√ľnemann, H., Murad, M. H., Barbui, C., Cipriani, A., & Montori, V. M. (2009). Choice of data extraction tools for systematic reviews depends on resources and review complexity. J Clin Epidemiol, 62(5), 506-10.  

Tools for Extraction of Key Information

  1. Systematic Review Data Repository (SRDR): SRDR is a web-based tool developed by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. It supports data extraction and rating of bias. It is available free of charge.

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